Get your shoes on — we’re going outside

Kate Shunney on Warm Springs Ridge
Kate Shunney and her two trusty explorers.

You don’t need special water bottles, fancy shoes, expensive jackets or any other gear to start exploring the outdoors. Especially not in West Virginia. Walk out your door and find the nearest street or road, patch of woods or stream. Those places will do just fine to refresh your memory of going outside to play. Trees, grass, dirt, rocks are still the ingredients of a legit explore. Check out the color and shape of the leaves above your head. Is that an acorn? A hickory nut? What just made the branch bounce up and down? Where’s that squirrel going? If you take a kid along on your exploration, they’ll get you back in the swing of how it works real fast.

Not everybody wants to climb the big mountains, or kayak wild rivers. But everybody can learn, move, breathe deeply, tune into critters and plants, register the change of seasons and be surprised by the wild workings of the natural world.

That’s what I’m here for — to remind you, through my own explorations and the words of other outdoors enthusiasts, of the wonders that are waiting for you out there. Now pull on your shoes…we’re going for an explore.

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